Supervisory Services 

I find the most effective supervision encompasses all four of these areas:

  1. Issues pertaining to current clients
  2. Overall development of social work/therapy skills
  3. Development of professional self
  4. Issues related to current employment.

Clinical Supervision should first provide checks and balances for your work. It provides oversight to be sure you are providing effective, ethical and legal services to clients. Supervision should also help the therapist or social worker develop their skills and help prepare them for licensure. Supervision should provide a safe place to explore professional development such as career goals, burnout, problems or frustrations in your current employment.

These are the clinical supervision topics I commonly address with pre-LCSW clinicians:

  • Case Review.
  • Ethical issues, including boundaries.
  • Legal issues, including things like mandated reporting.
  • Counter-transference.
  • Use of self in clinical work.
  • Diagnostic Skills.
  • Treatment planning.
  • Interventions
  • Professional development 
  • Role playing
  • Self care
  • Relationship with colleagues and management 
  • Work stressors 
  • Self care

My goal as a supervisor and consultant is to meet you where you're at, develop your confidence and understanding, and support you each step of the way in your professional journey.