"I met Tracey when I started my Social Worker career as a MSW student at Rutgers University. I was not only assigned to her as my field supervisor in the program, but she quickly became my mentor and confidant. I appreciated Tracey's professionalism, as well as her open and caring heart during supervision sessions. After graduation from Rutgers University, I looked for Tracey to continue my clinical supervision, assisting throughout the transition from an LSW to LCSW. She has impacted my professional practice tremendously and I highly recommend her for anyone who is in need of a caring, engaging, and knowledgeable clinical supervisor."



Stephanie Zeman M.Ed., MSW, LCSW, LCADC, CST

Individual and Family Therapist

Supervision is a crucial part for the LCSW requirement, thus having a great supervisor is very important. I had the privilege of working with Tracey as my supervisor during my journey. What I like the most about Tracey is her love for the field of social work, her enthusiasm and “fire” when discussing advocacy and the importance to value client’s rights to autonomy and respect. Tracey provides a safe environment, in which I was able to be challenged, reflect on my social work practice and skills to critically analyze different modalities and come up with the best interventions for my clients. Tracey is very knowledgeable about the NASW regulations, highly skilled in different SW treatment modalities and overall very intelligent and always available. She is extremely invested in her supervisees to ensure their success. She is empathetic and always available for those much needed “venting” sessions. Tracey is reliable and is a delight to work with. I cannot recommend her enough for your social work supervision. I can humbly say that Tracey has a lot to do with my current success in the field of social work. I highly recommend Tracey to anyone seeking LCSW supervision, you will not want to stop when it is over, I promise you."

Manoucheka Vilbrun-Brun, LCSW

"Supervision is a crucial part of reflective practice and an integral part of social work. Tracey has greatly helped my understanding of the work I am undertaking. I cannot recommend .

Tracey enough for your social work supervision. She is experienced, intelligent, funny, and very kind. She is a perfect example of what an "ideal" social worker is made of. She has gone out of her way countless times to help me with situations or to simply lend an ear for me to vent. We need more social workers (and people in general) like her in this world."

Angelina Mara, LCSW

I met Tracey Thompson during my MSW studies at Rutgers where she was my field liaison. When I submitted my first process recording she demanded the second one be better. When I submitted my second process recording she demanded the third be better. This went on for all 12 that semester. What I’m saying is: she pushed me further and further towards being a well educated clinician who could recognize how my attitude, feelings, and/or emotions could impact working with patients. After graduation I obtained my LSW and began working at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. I reached out to Tracey to provide supervision for my LCSW hours. It was here she assisted me in understanding the core NASW ethics and values as well as implementing various therapeutic techniques with patients. Tracey Thompson was, and still is, a key component in my social work journey. Undoubtedly I recommend her as a clinical supervisor for her high professionalism, delicate personalism, and understanding personality. - Themistoklis Bakelas, MSW, LCSW.